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Automatic Doors

In this modern era, when we see large scale shopping centers. There is a lot of suffocation and gathering; no one has the time to open the door this will inevitably create many problems for the management team to handle this problem. Automatic doors are being used these days to move quickly and safely. In this door, we use a lot of embedded systems like the camera that are monitoring every single customer check in the center. Alarms and sensors are integrated to increase the security level. Our trained team provides the complete configuration of the automatic doors with your system to make your life easier. We are mostly focusing on two types of automatic doors. One is sliding door, and the other one is swing doors. We have a wide range of commercial buildings like offices, colleges, banks, and hotels. Sliding doors are helping in keeping the standard of the place and transforming the appearance of the buildings. We are providing customized sliding doors to fulfill the desire of our valuable client and helping to promote and boost the customer comfort and satisfaction towards your business place.

We are providing the swing doors on client requirements as well. Swing doors will add attraction to your business, and it will be easy for your customers to check in and out with style. Like other products this door is also customizable and prepared according to the requirements of the client. The best thing about these doors is you can easily embed the logo on it. These doors installed with electronic mechanic security which helps in making the place secure. These doors are elegant, and because of automation, there will be no interruption in your business hours.