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Solid Shutter

Solid shutters are a type of window covering or window dressing that consists of solid panels typically made of wood. They are distinct from other window...

Signature Shopfitters Ltd

Electric Roller Shutter

Electric roller shutters are a type of window or door covering that operates with the help of an electric motor or automation system. They are designed for security, privacy...

Signature Shopfitters Ltd

Perforated Shutter

Perforated shutters, also known as perforated roller shutters or perforated security shutters, are a type of window or door covering designed for security, visibility...

Emergency Shutter Service

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Our shutter repair team has years of experience and is capable of fixing any problem that your shutter comes across. We offer expert shutter repair services for all types of shutters, including roller shutters, glazed shutters, and more.

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